Warp Chamber is a synesthetic compression room designed to rewire tired hearts and disused grey matter.

if you are from Perth, interstate or overseas and would like to perform, please contact: salamander_music@live.com.au

Φ 04/12/2010 Φ


Brules Rules re-wired human activities within a static flare, possibly from a damaged TV, and layered reversed vacuum beats over dark fuel-thick and exhaling clouds of guitar noise.

Solar Barge hammered space-age stone hymns into persistent loops wrapped in tendrils of accidentally-transformed feedback and semi-Persian guitar lines.

Salamander coated the floors in pools of cosmic radiation and gurgling cave noises. Images of organic evolution in the monstrous jaw of Nature overshadowed the rest.

Obscotch turned electronic percussion and synthesizers against one another in a contest of chaotic understanding through decay and reorganization.

See videos here - here - and here

Φ (16/04/2010) Φ


Kynan Tan, who manipulated video textures and colors with equivalent sonic disruptions. violent seizure pyramids expanded and contracted, shaping the frequency of granular soundwaves and subsonic tones.

Adam Trainer hypnotized the masses with images from the fantastic planet, utilizing crystalline layers of drone, xylophone, and microscopic tonal shifts to bring submissive immersion to every specific ear set in the room.

Salamander summoned steel vultures, satellites and subterranean mazes to accompany broken-up jungle soundscapes, astral graffiti and heavily distorted cello samples.

Solar Barge caused incense in the room to spontaneously combust. glyphic images of ra and his egyptian cohorts stolen from the aleister crowley archive pasted the room in a dim blue light and may have angered the deceased magician greatly.